When the ‘Door-to-door directions' feature is activated, WeGo will offer you a complete door-to-door navigation experience. This works by:

  1. Showing the walking section from your current location until your parked vehicle
  2. Having an automatic handover from the pedestrian to the car navigation
  3. Guiding you throughout all the car navigation
  4. Showing you when to stop driving (and where to park)
  5. Guiding you to walk the final section to arrive at your destination (in case the destination is not reachable by car, for example)

To activate this mode:

  • Open the WeGo app
  • Select the final destination of your route
  • Click on ‘Directions’
  • Select ‘Route preferences'
  • Turn on the ‘Get Door-to-door navigation’ option

Note: To use the feature, make sure you previously saved the location of your car.