To add stops to your route, you can follow two different paths

The first one is by using the initial route planner of WeGo before starting the navigation:

1. Open the WeGo app

2. Select your final destination 

3. Calculate your car, bike or pedestrian route

4. Click on the three lines icon on the right side of the starting point/destination field 

5. Add one or more stops to your route and arrange them according to your preferences 

6. Start your navigation with WeGo and go through all the stops you've added

The second option is to add a stop to your route after the navigation has already started:

1. Open the WeGo app

2. Enter your destination and click on 'Directions' 

3. Start the navigation by clicking on the blue arrow of one of the alternative routes

4. Drag the bottom navigation bar up to expand the menu 

5. These options will become available: 'Search', 'Gas', 'Parking', 'Restaurants' and 'Toilets' 

6. See available waypoints by clicking on the relevant icon, or select 'Search' to add a specific address

7. You can search for these places either along your route or at a destination

8. Select your choice of waypoint from the list or map and click on 'Add stop' 

9. The stop is now added to your route