No personal user data is collected without the explicit user consent. You can withdraw your given consent at any moment if you wish to do so. 

HERE welcomes the users to share certain data in order to provide a better service, and offers users to consent to it. Even when the consent is given, all collected data used in services is fully anonymized and can't be tracked back to individuals.

Users can request removal of all collected personal data in the app.

We collect the following categories of information:

  • Registration and contact details
    • Some features may require the use of a HERE account, such as when you want to synchronise your Collections. You can also continue using other features of the service without signing in. When you sign up for a HERE account, we collect your name, email address, date of birth and country of residence. Once you are logged in with your HERE account, we automatically try to synchronize your recent searches and your collections associated with your HERE account.
  • Location data and place information
    • The service makes use of information about your actual location ("location data") and places ("place information"). Location data reveals where you currently are or where you have been. Location Data is based on available positioning methods, such as Assisted GPS. In many device models, the user interface of the Service identifies the use of positioning with an icon. Place information is general information pertaining to particular geographical locations (ie, a city of the location of a restaurant) which you provided to us in your Collections, for example. Unless otherwise stated, we use random identifiers in connection with your location data that do not identify you personally. When you start to use the service, the applicable service activates your selected positioning methods to retrieve your current location. The service may send your location data to HERE when you use location-enabled features of the service online, such as asking for information about nearby services or offerings, using search features, as well as when the service asks for new maps for new areas you previously navigated to. The location data may be collected when you use the traffic feature for service improvement purposes without identifying you personally. Place information may be sent to HERE, for example, when you synchronize your collections.