Don’t worry: the collections are always linked with your HERE account. This means that if you’re using the same HERE account you used for previous versions of WeGo, you should be able to access your collections.


However, if after the latest update of WeGo, you can’t see your collections, just follow these four simple steps:

1. Confirm that you’re logging in with the same HERE account you used before. Different HERE accounts won’t sync their collections, even if they’re from the same user (e.g. if you have an account linked with your email and another one linked with an Facebook/Apple ID)

2. Try logging out and logging in again (make sure you’re logging in with the app in online mode). Sometimes the app just needs a break. After a new login, the collections should appear.

3. If the issue persists after these steps, check on, to see if the collections are there after logging into your account.

4. If you still need help, please contact us at for further assistance.